Bringing Mustard to China

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Hey mustard lovers! We have some exciting news — some of our products, including our classic yellow mustard, are now available in China. While we have sold products abroad for 15 years in 26 different countries, we’re always excited about the opportunity to share our delicious condiments in new areas of the world.



The Dayton Business Journal shared the news and highlighted our domestic market growth as grocery stores’ shift toward private label products. The organic trend sweeping the nation is also predicted to increase sales of our organic products as more and more people look for natural, simple-ingredient options.


China Daily USA also covered our expansion, discussing how Chinese consumers enjoy mustard. It’s commonly used with Western-style fast food, but Allison Malmsten of Daxue Consulting sees potential for mustard to become a common household item in China.


We can’t wait to hear from our new customers across the world!