Get to Know Our Spicy New Addition, Mrs. Mustard

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She’s zesty. She’s sweet. She’ll spice up your meal. And she’s the trusty companion to our longtime favorite, Mister Mustard. We could go on about our new spicy honey mustard — but we’re already hooked.


From her delicious debut at MustardFEST in 2019 to her arrival at Meijer, Mrs. Mustard has stolen the hearts — and filled the stomachs — of mustard lovers. We took a stroll down the production line to ask her a few questions and give you a taste of her golden personality. 


Woeber Mustard (WM): You’re a fan favorite, Mrs. Mustard. Tell us more about yourself. 

Mrs. Mustard (MM): You’re making me blush — and that takes work! I tied the knot after falling head over jar for Mister Mustard. I’m a Springfield native and love the area’s dining scene.  Mister Mustard knows much about local attractions from his bachelor years, so we often hop from one delicious dish to the next. We also spend our time away from the production line traveling with our fellow condiments. We warm up any occasion with some good ole’ family fun. 


WM: What have you enjoyed most about meeting Woeber fans?

MM: Family means everything to me, and food brings people together. There’s nothing better than joining a mustard lover around the dinner table with friends and family. Well, maybe the meal itself!


WM: Do you have a favorite Woeber product?

MM: Every member of our family brings a unique ingredient to the mix. If I had to choose, I’d say Sweet and Spicy Mustard — it combines my favorite flavors: spicy and sweet. Also Mister Mustard, but that’s a given. (wink)


WM: How do you plan to celebrate your arrival to store shelves? 

MM: Disney World? Or perhaps my own celebratory food tour? Either way, when we can escape the hustle and bustle of grocery store aisles, the whole family will pack our bags and head to a delectable destination made for condiment lovers alike. 


Can’t get enough of Mrs. Mustard? Visit our product locator to snag a bottle of the missus and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for more fun facts.